Underground Conference 6 - uc6.22

 brought to you by the following kuschelhasen-penetranten

creditz Underground Conference 6 is organized by both organizers and the visitors themselves. So if you are willing to come, grab a pencil and add your own name to the list below ;)

The event is brought to you by members of the groups VACUUM, FARBRAUSCH, DIGITAL OVERFLOW, PAP... and others. Here are some names (the list is not yet completed, if you want to help please mail scamp):

scamp / vacuum

masta / vacuum
(Network Mainorganizer)

(financial organizing)

kb / farbrausch
(demo/intro compos)

sir yoda / farbrausch
(audio supervisor)

fashion / vacuum
(pixel gfx Compo)

wayfinder / farbrausch
(music Compo)

ryg / farbrausch
(winning beer-stats)

shamada / megasphere
(muscle power)

dfox / digital overflow
(Additional zupport)

mbb / pap
(Additional zupport)

t7 / pap
(Additional zupport)

Now the creditz for this website:

scamp / vacuum
(all text, html, dhtml)

vampkyle / sternenkinder
(design based on layout by zokk)

wayfinder / farbrausch
(uc6.22 logo)

floetus / vacuum
(sk00l gfx)

masta / vacuum
(serverside scripting, registration-system)