Underground Conference 6 - uc6.22

 namen sind schall und lauch...

Reghost uc6.22 once again will feature a kick-ass network faked with extra-trashy equipment, brought to you by bloodwing, ryg, scamp and masta. And as every year, this includes inet access using tons of cables through the forest (of course it's slow, but hey, it's enough to check your mails, contact ppl through irc and so on. But wait - there's more - BONUS BONUS ... ;)

Every machine at the partyplace will get a public routable IP adress - no fucking NAT, proxies and stuff. Feel free to setup a webcam or realtime-report...

To make things easier, you can also setup hostnames for all computers you bring along right now - this way you can be sure they are known to the nameservers the time the party runs, and you already can setup external links etc. - you get the point.

Please enter your handle and group, and a hostname for your box.

Register ONE hostname for each box you are taking with you. Box=Computer that needs an ip address. Tetra-Pak doesn't count ;)

(not including the .party.uc6.untergrund.net, no special chars etc)