Underground Conference 6 - uc6.22

 the hitchhikers guide to schinken

travel As mentioned several times already, this years location is the Bundeswehrdepot Bingen-Dromersheim/Germany. Bingen is a small city at the river rhine, in south-western germany. It's around 80 km west of Frankfurt/Main, 100 km east of Cologne. It can be reached easily by car, rail, air and ship.

If you want to go by plane, choose the Frankfurt/Main Airport as Destination. From there it will be about 60 Minutes by train (see below).
There also is a cool&cheap alternative for some countries: Near Bingen there is the airport "Frankfurt/Hahn". It is used by the low-price airline ryanair. "Frankfurt/Hahn" in fact is 150kms away from Frankfurt, but less than 50km to Bingen. For example, a trip London -> Frankfurt/Hahn is just 20 €! From Hahn on there is a direct bus connection to Bingen. If you plan to do a trip with several people, we might also send a shuttle transfer to the Airport to pick you up.

If you prefer to travel by train, use the online services by Deutsche Bahn. As destination station choose "Bingen(Rhein) Hbf". The distance from the station to the party location is over 5km, so you might consider using our shuttle service. To do so, you have to tell us the time of your arrival at the registration form.

There also exists the possibility to team up with other ppl/groups that go to uc6.22 by car. Have a look at our fake-agency for arranged lifts....

For going by car, please see the following suggested routes:

Northern Germany, Denmark, Sweden,...
Southern Germany, Austria,...
Eastern Germany, Poland,...
Bingen (last few km's for all routes)

Hm. Looks like a map.

Northern Germany, Denmark, Sweden,...

Get on the A7 direction Hannover (if you come from Sweden, get on A1 first till you reach A7 after Hamburg). Prepare for a loooooong ride till you get to the Hattenbacher Dreieck where you then leave the A7 to get on A5 direction Frankfurt/Main. Pass the Frankfurter Nordwestkreuz. Some km's later you will arrive at the Frankfurter Kreuz, A3 is the motorway to be then. Follow the signs to Mainz/Wiesbaden/Bingen (you'll see A67 and some others ;). You'll end up on the A60, direction Bingen. Follow it and see


First learn some real language please. Double-check you don't have any frogs in your bag. Then get on the A6 at Saarbrücken. At Kreuz Frankenthal you'll see the A61. Go there, direction Mainz/Alzey/Worms. Exit at Bingen (see

Southern Germany, Austria,...

Move your ass to Munich (if munich's the wrong direction for you, don't). Your routing guide may tell you to use the A8 to get to uc5.25", but don't believe it. A8 is always full of traffic-jams. Instead use the A9 till Nürnberg, then get on the A6, Direction Mannheim/Heilbronn. You'll end up at the Kreuz Frankenthal, just as the dudes from France. So look
above... (yes, I'm lazy).

Eastern Germany, Poland,...

A9 is your friend. At Nürnberg, get on the A6 and see
above (Southern Germany Route). You could also use the Northern Route (A4-A5-A3-A67-A63-A61), but A9-A6-A61 is far more easy and faster, too.


Please see this map and follow the directions below.

Click to see a high-res version, suitable for printing
1 If coming from west or south on the A61, you'll arrive at point 1 - this the exit "Bingen". Attention, if coming from west, this is a very short exit, so make sure you don't miss it or drive too fast..
Proceed to point 3
2 If coming from east on the A60, you'll arrive at point 2 - this the exit "Bingen, Bingen-Kempten".
Proceed to point 4
3 After taking the A61 exit, you will be on the B50. After 500 Meters the B50 splits. Take the left lane (signs to "St.Goar, Bingen-Büdesheim, -Bingerbrück").
4 You are on the B9. At point 4 the B9 splits, take the right lane, signs to "Bingen-Büdesheim".
5 You'll end up in a roundabout. Take the second exit of it, signs are to "Bingen-Dietersheim, Bingen-Dromersheim". Follow that street. It will do a turn to the right and then to the left. You'll see a supermarket on the left side, a few meters after it is point 6.
6 Turn left. Attention: Just 10 meters after you did that there will be two crossings. Take the second one, turn left. Signs are to "Bingen-Dromersheim". Follow that road. After a looong ride you'll reach a crossing, called "Kutschereck". Attention, this is one dangerous crossing. Please don't kill yourself before reaching the party ;). Go straight ahead. You'll enter Bingen-Dromersheim.
7 At the end of Bingen-Dromersheim watch out for the uc6.22-signs. At point 7 turn left. Follow the small road that goes uphill until you reach the Bundeswehrdepot.