Underground Conference 6 - uc6.22

 Not exactly loveparade...

It's over...

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Yes, the sixth Underground Conference (uc6.22), happening from 18. to 21. july 2002, now is history.

We are very happy that this UC was another success...

Here are a few links worth checking out:

ftp://ftp.untergrund.net/uc/uc6.22/ - all releases
uc6.22 picture report done by sierra & garth - rocks, check it out! (german text)
detailed report and pictures by crest - (german text)
pictures by eha
pictures from various sources at slengpung.com
pictures done by fashion
commented pictures by lazyone

...more pictures and videos coming up soon.

If you have pictures/videos/reports about uc6.22 and wish to share them, please contact scamp.

I'd like to thank all uc6.22 organizers and visitors for making another underground conference come true - see you at Evoke, Dialogos - and of course at uc7.

  scamp/vacuum [uc6.22 mainorganizer]
- for the uc6.22 organizing team -

Download the uc6.22 invitation demo

Download the uc5.25" xcut video by urbanbytes (Divx, 44MB)


15.07.2002 - Register your uc6.22 hostname *now*! (here)

25.06.2002 - mp3 compo changed to 'paralymp3'

23.05.2002 - Registration status

23.05.2002 - Official fileserver updated

23.05.2002 - Wanted: Lift from Berlin to uc

16.05.2002 - Salva Mea is no longer part of the uc organizing

16.05.2002 - Cheap flights to underground conference


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