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15.07.2002 - Register your uc6 hostname *NOW*

As every single box at uc6.22 will get a routable IP, you may want to assign yourself hostnames for your boxes. You have <24 Hours to do so (so the nameservers out there get the reverse dns zone in time), so do it NOW.
Go here:
Hostname registration

25.06.2002 - mp3 compo changed to 'paralymp3'

See the compo page for details.

23.05.2002 - Registration status

We are very happy that just about one week after the site launch, 1/3 of all available space is already booked. Members of the following groups have registered so far: Salva Mea, Farbrausch, Speckdrumm, Padua, Digital Overflow, konsumer, Digital Soundlabs, Delta Pi, NeVer, Inside Productions, Die Wissenden, Chemical Reaction, copro, amable, Kolor, Smash Designs, Icebird, msp, haujobb, liquid, black maiden. Brainfart, Dawning, Nuance, Tap, Scoopex. We are looking forward to meeting all you guys again :)

23.05.2002 - Official fileserver updated

Nail/Pain, who still had his old bbs filebase available, provided us with lots of releases from uc2e, back in 1996. Thanks a lot for that. Those files are now available at download.untergrund.net.

23.05.2002 - Wanted: Lift from Berlin to uc

Crest is urgently looking for a lift from Berlin to uc. So, if you have a seat left, please contact him.

16.05.2002 - Salva Mea is no longer part of the uc organizing

Due to internal struggles, the group Salva Mea is currently splitting up, and all members of Salva Mea that are part of the uc organizing team are quitting the group. Therefore, Salva Mea as a group is no longer part of the uc organizing. This of course doesn't have any effect on uc, as Dfox and Fashion (both now ex-Salva Mea) are still active and part of the organizing team.

16.05.2002 - Cheap flights to underground conference

Chris Howe brought to our attention (I totally forgot about that point) that there are very cheap flights by ryanair to the Frankfurt-Hahn Airport, which is near to the uc location. Check the Travel-Page for more information.

16.05.2002 - download.untergrund.net downtime

Due to a router outage, the uc download server download.untergrund.net was down for a few hours today. Sorry, it's fixed now.

14.05.2002 - Site launched

Uh yeah baby. Sorry for the delay :)